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Fundraising for Eagle Projects

Eagle Project Fundraising

The fundraising section of the Project Proposal (and Project Plan) should be filled out to include all funds, materials, and supplies needed and mention where the eagle candidate expects to get them (including, self, parents and the beneficiary.)

Fundraising Application is required if any funds, materials or supplies (including food) are obtained from sources other than:
1) the scout and his relatives
2) the troop and troop members/parents
3) the beneficiary

There is no minimum dollar amount.  District advancement committee members may approve a fundraising application for amounts less than $750; amounts more than $750 must be approved by the Three Fires Council advancement committee liaison, currently Dan Bettison. The Fundraising Application may be filled out for only the amount not from the above listed sources to help stay under the $750 limit. The details for the fundraising application are in the Eagle Workbook.

For beneficiaries that are organizations such as churches, the candidate soliciting funds directly from organization members is considered fundraising.

Besides direct solicitation of funds and materials, fundraising can be activities such as car washes, garage sales or vendor sharing nights such as at Buffalo Wild Wings. Games of chance such as bingo are not permitted by the BSA. If the scout gives leadership to others in the fundraising activity (e.g. in a car wash), the service time (his and others) should be included in his Project Report. Activities like car washes should be donation based and not set a fixed price.

Discounts and donations from other than the above listed sources are fundraising, the council recommends that candidates do a fundraising application if there is any chance he might be offered a discount (and it never hurts to ask, as long as he has completed the fundraising application.)

The fundraising application does not need to be signed at the same time as the project proposal, however it is recommended that it be done then to save the scout multiple trips to get signatures.  The fundraising application must be signed before any funds/materials/supplies are obtained from sources other than those listed above.

Fundraising is allowed after the project itself is completed (but before the Project Report is submitted.)

Any internet fundraising account must be setup and owned by the beneficiary – this is a council guideline (and is not in the eagle workbook).

Since an eagle project must not be for the BSA, if an Illinois tax exemption form is used, it should be the form for the beneficiary, not the BSA form.  In any fundraising, it must be clear that the funds/materials/supplies are for the beneficiary.

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