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Partial Cub Scout and Scouting BSA on-line training will be lost January 1, 2019

BSA is changing on-line training.  January 2, 2019 new training classes will be made available.

Any partially completed on-line training in the system January 1, 2019 will be lost.

I recommend you complete the missing modules to get “Trained” before you have to re-do all the new training again.

Anyone fully trained in their role is not required to take the new-updated training.

Impacted roles:  Cub Scouts (CM, DL, CC); Scouting BSA (SM, ASM).
This is just on-line classes:  BALOO and IOLS are not impacted.

More details here from Bryan on Scouting

If you have questions,
please contact Rich Fazio
IP Training Team

Submit All Rank Advancement by the End of the Year

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is a method to help units, districts and councils evaluate and recognize their proficiency in delivering the scouting program.

One contribution to the JTE calculations is advancement.  BSA and council guidelines recommend that units submit all current rank advancements before the end of the year.  Among other things, this allows recent advancements to be included in the JTE evaluation.  2018 advancement that is submitted in 2019 does not count in the JTE calculations for either 2018 or 2019.

Currently the district and council year end projections are near the border between the silver and gold ratings in advancement.  Submitting your unit’s advancement before the end of the year could make the difference between a gold and silver rating  for our district.

Packs are also reminded to submit bobcat advancement as soon as possible for new scouts such as those who joined through School Night for Scouting.

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