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Popcorn Sales start Sept 1

Popcorn sales start 9/01

All popcorn pre orders are due to the council 9/02 if you want popcorn in hand to sell starting September 19th.

If you need your kickoff box or have any questions,
Please contact me on my cell at 630-338-5366. You can also text me.

Last looking for help on September 18th 8-4 and 19th 7 – 11 during the day. If you can help let me know.

Janice Scott

Get Ready to BLAST OFF into Scouting!

Get ready to ‘Blast Off Into Scouting’ at this years first ever single night and District wide recruitment event


The entire Chicago area market is channeling all marketing resources to urge families to show up to their local elementary school on Thursday, September 17th from 7 to 8 pm to sign up for Scouting.

For more information refer to the School Night for Scouting Guidebook 2015 v1.0 or see Blast Into Scouting Flyer

Under the direction of Joe Wiltrout and his team at the Three Fires Council they have created an avenue for us that can blast our membership way past our goal for gold status in Journey to Excellence. Together with 2 other councils from Southern Wisconsin and Indiana we will participate in a sign-up night for parents and potential scouts at 343 schools across the three Councils.  All schools in District 204 are participating.

For the first time ever, electronic sign-up will be available for parents on their mobile phones or on Wi-Fi connected laptops on the night of the roundup.  This will facilitate payments and do away with cumbersome form filling on the night.  Sign-up will be instantaneous!

Our packs will play an important role in manning the school halls and inviting the new parents and scouts to attend an orientation meeting at the venue where the pack meets.

Our new scouts will be excited to receive a rocket on the night of the sign-up and when they attend the pack meeting they will receive the propellant. Packs can also plan some activities around the shooting of the rockets.

A comprehensive marketing campaign planned by the TFC in all media will help us with getting the word out.

Please visit to view the new electronic sign-up.

Lets help in the marketing by sharing this website with our friends on social media.

See you all at our kick-off meeting to discuss the practical details around our biggest recruiting event ever!

Uda Potgieter

Membership Chair IP


Friends of Scouting Update

TOTAL Raised to date:

$77,190 (81% of our Goal of $96,000)

Family Totals to date: Individual family gifts = $65,331, plus Family Engaged Matching Gifts = $7,499, for a total of $72,830!

That is $1555 above that same total last year…what does that mean?!

Our Family FOS presentations went very well and our families are giving more this year than they did last year…GREAT JOB!!

We are currently signing up units for FOS presentations again for 2016. We have a list of when the presentation was last year, if you’d like to save the same date/event (Court of Honor, Blue and Gold, etc..).

We will also be confirming who the FOS Unit Coordinator will be, again we have who that person was last year as well.


Lastly, we are looking for dedicated volunteers who might be interested in Volunteering at the District Level for FOS Presenters. If you have been a Unit Coordinator in the past and are passionate about supporting Scouting through FOS then we need your help. We are always looking for the right people to deliver the message about Friends of Scouting and an FOS presenter is a great way to get introduced to District level volunteerism.



Claire Larsen – FOS Coordinator


From Dave Grooms: – the TFC WebTeam continues to make incremental improvements to the structure and format of TFC Main. By the end of the calendar year, we will implement a new Calendar that integrates to our event management system. Plus, we hope to roll out a new look and feel for the entire website.
More changes in the works:
– CFL now has a robust wifi network. No more huddling around the access point behind the headquarters building. Wifi extends to the Trading Post, the Staff Dining Hall and the Pavilion. Next summer we’re going to ‘light-up’ the campsites!
– CBT is next up with improved wifi, central printing and more. Our primary training facility is getting a major update later this year.
Check Out: – the newly retooled home of Cub Scouting. Still under construction, but BSA National is moving fast. – for a revamped unit-finder for all program levels. – for an all-new and integrated Training, Commissioner Tools and District Toolset – the new face of the BSA. Access to tools and info at all levels. Access to marketing and branding and social media assets. – Absolutely the hottest thing that the BSA hasn’t really advertised yet! Full of great advancement tracking features, mass email capabilities, and more. . Cost for a 30-Scout unit is $35 a year!
We need folks to join our WebTeam!

New RoundTable Location

This year’s RoundTable meetings will be held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 7:00pm.

Check out September’s Pack Meeting Theme!

We will be meeting at Loaves And Fishes, 1871 High Grove Ln, Naperville, IL 60540.

Loaves & Fishes Community Services has served our community since 1984. Their mission is to provide food and leadership in the community by uniting and mobilizing resources to empower people to be self-sufficient.  They deliver over 60,000 pounds of groceries each week, using a network of over 1,000 dedicated volunteers.

Fundraising for Eagle Projects

Eagle Project Fundraising

The fundraising section of the Project Proposal (and Project Plan) should be filled out to include all funds, materials, and supplies needed and mention where the eagle candidate expects to get them (including, self, parents and the beneficiary.)

Fundraising Application is required if any funds, materials or supplies (including food) are obtained from sources other than:
1) the scout and his relatives
2) the troop and troop members/parents
3) the beneficiary

There is no minimum dollar amount.  District advancement committee members may approve a fundraising application for amounts less than $750; amounts more than $750 must be approved by the Three Fires Council advancement committee liaison, currently Dan Bettison. The Fundraising Application may be filled out for only the amount not from the above listed sources to help stay under the $750 limit. The details for the fundraising application are in the Eagle Workbook.

For beneficiaries that are organizations such as churches, the candidate soliciting funds directly from organization members is considered fundraising.

Besides direct solicitation of funds and materials, fundraising can be activities such as car washes, garage sales or vendor sharing nights such as at Buffalo Wild Wings. Games of chance such as bingo are not permitted by the BSA. If the scout gives leadership to others in the fundraising activity (e.g. in a car wash), the service time (his and others) should be included in his Project Report. Activities like car washes should be donation based and not set a fixed price.

Discounts and donations from other than the above listed sources are fundraising, the council recommends that candidates do a fundraising application if there is any chance he might be offered a discount (and it never hurts to ask, as long as he has completed the fundraising application.)

The fundraising application does not need to be signed at the same time as the project proposal, however it is recommended that it be done then to save the scout multiple trips to get signatures.  The fundraising application must be signed before any funds/materials/supplies are obtained from sources other than those listed above.

Fundraising is allowed after the project itself is completed (but before the Project Report is submitted.)

Any internet fundraising account must be setup and owned by the beneficiary – this is a council guideline (and is not in the eagle workbook).

Since an eagle project must not be for the BSA, if an Illinois tax exemption form is used, it should be the form for the beneficiary, not the BSA form.  In any fundraising, it must be clear that the funds/materials/supplies are for the beneficiary.

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