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Eagle Package Contents List

The following is the list of the contents expected in an eagle package (in the order suggested by council staff).  If possible, the numbered (below) sections should be separated by tabs.

1. Completed Eagle Scout application (2014 version or newer)

2. Statements listed in requirement 7:
  • statement of ambitions and life purpose (NOT a history of his scouting experiences, unless they are related to his goals/ambitions)
  • list of leadership positions/honors in school and community organizations (a list of leadership positions in the unit is useful, but optional)

3. Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal (as approved) with (4) approval signatures

4. Eagle Scout Service Project Plan and appropriate attachments
5. Fundraising Application with (3) approval signatures (if funds/donations/discounts were solicited from anyone but the beneficiary, unit members or relatives.)
6. Eagle Scout Service Project Report with (3) approval signatures
7. Pictures (before, during and after)
8. Supporting documentation for Project (as appropriate)
  • sign-in/sign-out sheets
  • time log/service hour summary
  • receipts/expense summary; donation summary
  • additional diagrams/plans
  • congratulatory/thank you letters
  • fliers
  • correspondence (letters or copies of email)

9. Other supporting information (optional)

  • Unit database (Scoutbook, Troopmaster, Troopwebhost) advancement summary
  • copies of advancement or merit badge white cards
  • copies of merit badge blue cards

The unopened letters of reference should be attached (often clipped to the inside front cover.)   These should be added by the troop representative after the rest of the package has been assembled by the candidate (the candidate and his parents should never have access to the letters, even though unopened.) Five reference letters are required:

1.       Parent

2.       Religious; If not affiliated with an organized religion, then a parent or guardian provides a second, separate religious reference.

3.       Educational

4.       Friend/other

5.       Friend/other

References should know the candidate well outside the context of scouting. If the candidate has a job at the time of submission of the eagle application, a (sixth) letter of reference from an employer is required.

The reference letters should match the references listed on the Eagle Scout application and be no more than a year old.

The eagle package should be turned in at either the Naperville or Norris (St. Charles) Scout Shop by a troop representative (not the candidate or his parents) before the candidate’s 18th birthday. The scout shop will do an initial verification of the package for completeness, issue a receipt, and forward the package to the Three Fires Council office for verification.  Once verified, the package is forwarded to the district advancement committee to arrange for the Board of Review.  For candidates who have turned 18, the Board of Review must be held within 3 months of the candidate’s 18th birthday.

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