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Board of Review Guidelines


  1. Verify scout completed all the requirements for rank
  2. Evaluate the quality of the scouting experience for the scout
  3. Encourage the scout to progress further

Gives scout experience communicating with adults



3-6 Unit Committee Members

(exception for Eagle Board:

  • need not be committee members
  • must be over 21
  • must be aware of importance and requirements of rank
  • includes one or more district/council representatives)

Must not include:

  • Unit leaders (Scoutmaster) – for eagle boards may observe unless candidate or board members object
  • Assistant Leaders (Assistant Scoutmaster)
  • Relatives or guardians of the scout
  • Youth Observers

Scout and parents/guardians may not provide input on board members



  • The scout completes all the requirements for a rank (Tenderfoot to Life and Eagle Palms)
  • Periodically
  • Any time!
  • No more than 3 months after 18th birthday (for Eagle, up to 6 months with exception letter)- All requirements must be completed prior to 18th birthday



  • Anywhere
  • Troop meeting place
  • Camp
  • Homes
  • Public meeting places

Must provide privacy

Must have separate place for scout to wait

Should be a neutral location (i.e not the scout’s home)



Length should be approximately 15 minutes (Eagle 30-60 minutes plus time to examine references)

Not a retest or examination

Ask open ended questions on the scout’s experiences

Discuss Scout Oath and Law, Scout Spirit

For Eagle- discuss the project, what he learned, leadership experiences, future plans


The Decision

Excuse Scout for deliberations

Arrived at through discussion and must be unanimous


What if the scout is not ready to advance?

Explain what actions he must take to complete the rank

Send a follow-up letter to the scout confirming the actions necessary for advancement

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