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District Award of Merit

Leader Awards and Recognition The District Award of Merit is the highest honor a district can give to an adult volunteer.  This is an official BSA sanctioned award.  The number of awards a district can bestow is related to the number of units; Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venturing Units, and Explorer Posts.  We made it to three awards!  This is a wonderful achievement.  Congratulations Indian Prairie.

District Award of Merit
 Prior to 1997 1993 – Denny Wowra, 1995 – Fred Ross, Gwen Ross
 1997 Mark Metzger  (First Indian Prairie Award)
 1998 Marilyn Berrill
 1999 David Rypka ,Vince Engen
 2000 Paul Chemler, Cora Jolley
 2001 Sue Chemler, Dean Bergquist
 2002 Don Skorich, Daryl Monge
 2003 Candy Jackson, Chuck Bechtold
 2004 Walt Ravelo, Bill Marineau
 2005 Kate Henderson, Jeff Gross
 2006 David Rutledge, JoAnn Monge
 2007 Joe Harrington, Curt Ward
 2008 Linda Hunt, Julie Berkowicz, Brad Fresh
 2009 Stuart Katz, Roger Lisy. Dani Seaton
 2010 Greg Bachar, Walter Berkowicz, Tim Maurer
 2011 Tim Greiner, Ray Loback, Rick Montalbano
 2012 David Bruns,Diane Kennedy, Jack Koberstine
 2013 Paul Bainbridge, Julie Rypka, Mark Truckenbrod
 2014 Yuki Phipps, Janice Scott
 2015 Uda Potgieter, Lee Ray Phipps
 2016 Charlie Mayton


District Special Recognitions

The district awards special recognition to adult volunteers across our District who have been identified for these awards.  Typically, the Spark Plug is given to someone who has recently stepped up and has been identified as having great potential for contributing in the future to our district and “sparking” our engine with enthusiasm.  The Oil Can award is generally given to someone who over time has consistantly contributed to the success of scouting in our district and “lubricates” our engine of success.

District Special Recognitions
Year District Silver Acorn Spark Plug Oil Can
Prior to 1997 (No District award
prior to 2003)
1993 Fred Ross (No Oil Can
awards prior to
1997 Vince Engen
1999 Paul Chemler
Cheryl Muscato
2000 Dean Bergquist
Donna Rebeck
2001 Jeff Gross Paul Chemler
B.J. Metzger
Denny Wowra
2002 Chuck Bechtold Candy Jackson
Scott Pinkerton
2003 Paul Chemler Kate Henderson
Bill Marineau
Sue Chemler
Dean Bergquist
2004 Candy Jackson,
Judy Buchenot (Community award)
JoAnn Monge
Linda Hunt
Chuck Bechtold
Kate Henderson
David Rypka
2005 Dennis (Denny) Wowra Curt Ward
Carroll Treacy
Bill Sugas
Daryl & JoAnn Monge
Linda Hunt
Rich Harrington
2006 David Rypka Dani Seaton
Sean Waiss
Joe Harrington
Kim Emanuel
Rich Harrington
Roger Lisy
2007 Carroll Treacy Jeff Leroy
Stewart Katz
Diane Kennedy
Sean Waiss
Julie Berkowicz
Bruce Jones
2008 Dani Seaton John Elenbass
Wendy Gross
Tim Maurer
Bill Sugas
Anna Thomas
Carroll Treacy
 2009 Bill Marineau Steve Bernardi
Ray Loback
Greg Bacher
Wendy Gross
Tim Mauer
Tim Greiner
 2010 Ray Loback David Bruns
Hector Colon
Bob Neubeck
Diane Kennedy
Julie Rypka
Curt Ward
 2011 David Bruns William Pingel
Dale Hari
Mark Truckenbrod
Walter Berkowicz
John Elenbaas
Paul Bainbridge
 2012 Bob Neubeck Janice Scott
Yuki Phipps
Lee Ray Phipps
Mark Metzger
Bill Marineau
 2013 Tim Maurer Canciss Ford
Tony Smerz
David Bruns
Alan Rogers
Dani Seaton
 2014 Lee Ray Phipps Huma Khimani
Vinton Trowbridge
Farzana Valji-Kherani
Jeff Gross
Mark Truckenbrod
2015  Yuki Phipps Claire Larsen
Uda Potgeiter
Ken Hogan
Janice Scott
Jeff Zavoral
2016  Alan Rogers Charlie Mayton
Rich Fazio
Bill Glase
Yuki Phipps
2017  Janice Scott Jeff Estopellan
Laura Reynolds
Tim Lally
Clare Larsen
Daniel Swanson
2017 District Youth Award

Andrew Mayton

2017 Unit Silver Acorns

Ezra Bardeen – Pack 99
Rizwan Chaudry – Pack 99
Brian Palm – Pack 101
Carrie Simkins – Pack 101
Margaret Cross – Pack 110
Cathy Nolan – Pack 443
William Reynolds – Pack 579
Jennifer Amato – Pack 597
Nathalie Beloeil-Jones – Pack 887
Mary Lynn Leland – Pack 988
Rochelle Walwer – Troop 8
Chris Osmond – Troop 8
Janice Scott – Troop 57
Ray Loback – Troop 81
Stuart Katz – Troop 81
Khalid Ghori – Troop 99
Omar Ali – Troop 99
Andrew Wig – Troop 101
David Sheppard – Troop 106
Tomi Saunders – Troop 508
Spencer Coyle – Troop 849
Bill Glase – Troop 889
Sue Del Moro – Troop 889
Marian Flattum – Troop 889
Stuart Katz – Ship 2501

Silver Beaver

The Council awards the Silver Beaver to scouters that provide exceptional contribution to Scouting for our entire area.  Below are the Indian Prairie Scouters who have received this Council award.

Silver Beaver
Class of Awarded Recipient
1995 1996 Denny Wowra
1997 1998 Fred and Gwen Ross
1999 2000 Mark Metzger
2002 2003 Paul Chemler
2003 2004 Dean Bergquist
Daryl Monge
2004 2005 Candy Jackson
Don Skorich
Val Bitton
2005 2006 Chuck Bechtold
Sue Chemler
Kate Henderson
2006 2007 David Rypka
2007 2008 Linda Hunt
Joe Harrington
Rick Montalbano (Council)
2008 2009 Brad Fresh
Roger Lisy
2009 2010 Julie Berkowicz
Bill Marineau
2010 2011 Jack Koberstine
Ray Loback
2011 2012 Jeffrey John Gross
Timothy Frederick Greiner
Jeffrey David Zavoral
2012 2013  –
2013 2014 Walter Berkowicz
Other Awards

There are a number of other awards either by the BSA or directly related to Scouting work in the community

Award Recipient
Torch of Gold Award Julie Berkowicz (2009)
Paul Chemler (2011)
Joe Harrington (2014)
Woods Services Award Kate Henderson (2007)
Joe Harrington (2009)
Cross of St. Francis Rick Montalbano (1989)
Paul Chemler (2006)
Joe Harrington (2007)
Jack Koberstein, Roger Lisy, Julie Berkowicz (2009)
Denny Wowra (2010)
 Venturing Leadership Paul Chemler, Brad Fresh (2010)
Walter Berkowicz (2011)
Joe Harrington (2012-Council Level)
Joe Harrington (2015-Region Level)
Kevin Harrington (2014-Council Level)
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